Teach Your Children…

Posted: June 11, 2015 in Jus' Sayin'

Watching how you let your toddler camel walk on this dirty ass platform floor and then put his hands on his face and in his mouth just really makes me wonder how filthy your kids really are. Here’s hoping this child’s immune system is boosted due to the exposure he gets to extreme amounts of filth.

What really bothers me is her toddler actually looks dirty and unkempt but she looks clean and fashionable. :-/


#MARTA Be Like…

Posted: February 13, 2015 in Crazy is as MARTA does
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..”let’s just leave the station whenever we feel like it, we already jacked ’em for they money “. I mean, they operate like their customers have no place to be on time or have no transfers to make ON TIME. They operate on a give-me-your-money-and-hurry-up-and-wait mentality. Just annoying.


Is MARTA Just Trying to Be Terrible?

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Jus' Sayin'

This is the FOURTH WORKDAY IN A ROW that I have been on a train full of ppl complaining about how MARTA always makes ppl late for work! Ridiculous, we pay the increased fares, we bust our butts to be early or on time to catch MARTA & they can’t even think enough of their patrons to respect our time & patronage. Dont even get me started on that Code of Conduct when the service is not any safer than it was before.

I understand if there are emergencies but there needs to be plans in place for alternatives at times like these..and MARTA needs to communicate with their customers. I find it crazy and ass backwards that even on a “normal” day of operation a train can’t seem to pull off from the first/last stop on a line on time. And you all want to take this foolishness to Clayton Co.??? Most of us take MARTA as an option, not a requirement.

For those whose pay gets docked for being late, due to MARTA’s negligence, do you all reimburse lost wages?

This woman (girl??) on this train right now, talking about her 5 year old and 1 year old sons to her friend is just awful! First of all, she is speaking about them like they are adult men. She’s going on and on, at the top of her lungs, about her children saying “this n***a…” and “this muthaf***a is only one, I’m a put his ass out my house…”

If this is the way she speaks to her children then I can imagine what kind of disciplinary issues she has created in her children. It’s sad, you need a license to fish, you have to apply for jobs and pass credit checks to buy a car from a lot, but ANYBODY can procreate and be responsible for raising members of society?

Play That Funky Music!

Posted: December 16, 2014 in Jus' Sayin'

Some guy in the back of the train just broke out a harmonica. This just sent me to a happy place 🙂

So this woman on the phone is pissing the whole train off. She says ( LOUDLY) “hello?” “Hello??” “Hello!” “Hello??” “Hello?!” “Hello.” “Hello!” “Hello!!” “Hello!!!” “Hello!!!” “Hello!!!” “Hello!!!!” “Hello!” “Hello??”…
We are all exchanging annoyed glances as if to say “DUMMY! CLEARLY NO ONE IS THERE…FURTHERMORE WE ARE IN A DAMN TUNNEL….YOU DON’T HAVE SERVICE!!”

Then this guy next to me sees a girl with a happy birthday balloon and gets her attention so he can weakly say “happy birthday”. Then, from my peripheral, I see him waving, frantically. I look to my right and he says, with a big smile, ” you schmell (smell) GOOD! ”

OMG, beam me up Scotty!!!

Cool #WeLoveATL

Posted: November 12, 2014 in MARTA Goodness
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Saw the #WeLoveAtl photos in Five Points Station today!



Just crazy


When you realize that the “crazy guy” on MARTA… the extra happy dude with the long beard hair braided into three braids who is always listening to music (hopefully!) in his headphones and making strange movements and laughing and running up to strangers a while doing all of this…is the crazy dude who hangs out at the gas station around the corner from your house, doing all of that on the street, to passing cars:


…you can’t even look up or look straight ahead on the train because the guy sitting across from you waits for every opportunity to make eye contact with you…. And he is so not your type…or anybody’s type? Gross way to start your day.